Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific is the largest carrier in the air transportation industry of the Philippine country which offering the low-cost services to more destinations and routes that are higher flight frequency than any other airline. Currently, it provides 38 flights to Philippine and 30 international flights that include the destinations like Australia, USA, Asia and the Middle East. Cebu Pacific operates not only the air transportation but also it constitutes a 58-strong fleet of 48 Airbus and 10 ATR aircraft. In the Philippines country, it is one of the most dominant and preferred air cargo services owing to its fast, flexible, competitive and straight forwarded services. The air cargo services of Cebu Pacific created an extensive network that is available for cargo agents and individual shippers. It offers you the wider range of travel options at the lowest fares possible by enabling the direct and one-stop access to the combined networks. The main motto of the Cebu Pacific air transportation industry is that brings people together through the reliable, affordable, safe, and fun-filled travel. For that, the company committed to innovation and excellence in everything and providing the opportunities for professional and personal growth. The vision is to be the most successful low-cost carrier in the world not only in the Philippines.

Cebu Pacific Network

If you want to book the flight tickets at lower costs, you can consider the Cebu Pacific network because it will provide you the information relevant to where you fly and flight schedules. You can view the map for different types of places that include Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, United States of America, etc. According to your traveled itinerary, you can choose the place very easily through the utilization of map network. Relevantly, you can find the flight schedules by entering the from location and final destination city. The Cebu Pacific will show you the results that contain the schedules of flights whether domestic and international. You are required to notice that the departure and arrival times displayed in local time. The flight schedule is shown for reference only and the timings may change without any prior notice. 

Travel Services

To get the entail information about travel services of the Cebu Pacific, you can go through the online site where you just click the travel services option. In the travel services, you can observe various categories like a mobile app, add-ons, travel reminders, payment options, baggage information, fast check-in options, customer service plan, passenger bill of rights, duty-free, transportation security administration, etc. From these travel services, you can utilize the services very conveniently and properly. Through the Cebu Pacific App, any one can book the flight tickets with just a few steps and it is a quick process for booking the flight tickets for up to 14 passengers. With the Cebu Pacific App, you need not worry to get the boarding process because it provides the hassle-free mobile check-in option where you can easily get the check-in information for you and your companions. The company offers you more services to love the app and they are pre-order your meals for international travel flights, book travel sure and get go services. Using the Get Go service, you can earn the points that give you the free flights by flying with Cebu Pacific and from your everyday spend. You can earn 1 Get Go point from every P5.0 spent with Cebu Pacific airlines. Accordingly, you can be rewarded faster by earning points through the add-on products like seat selector, pre-order meal, prepaid baggage and sports equipment. The earned points will not expire if you use your account once per one year. Based on the Get Go, you can buy the flight tickets with the earned points and there is no limit for buying the tickets at any time, any seat, anywhere and any flight. With the use of Get Go rewarded points, you can fly with your friends or beloved ones and it will allow you to earn and redeem points within an earning cycle of eight members maximum. Along with the earning cycle, you can also create the sharing cycle in which you can nominate your friends whom you are sharing the earned points. The Get Go gives you the member exclusive benefits and offers which are provided by the Cebu Pacific and its partners. 


The Cebu Pacific airline offers you the add-on products for safe and comfortable traveling to reach your itinerary. The add-on products are prepaid baggage, meals, seat selector, connect, travel sure, sports equipment and transfers. If you utilize the prepaid baggage options, you can bring all your travel essentials whether you are a suitcase toting traveler or a no frills packer. You have enough room for your baggage so that you need not worry about the baggage. You can choose the baggage options like small, standard, large and extra-large. Based on your baggage weight, you can select the options and pay the amount for transporting the baggage. This baggage allowance may apply before four hours of the departure based on the manage booking tab on the online site or mobile app. Once the time of baggage allowance is over, you are required to pay the fees for baggage. When it comes to Cebu Pacific Meals, the airline provides you the hot rice meals and feast on fresh with an assortment of pastries and sandwiches. You can pre-order the meals by presenting your boarding-pass when in-flight service starts. It offers you free drinks on short-haul flights and free drinks & dessert on long-haul flights. In international flights, there is an availability of hot meals and pastries but for domestic flights, it offers you the pastries only. You can purchase the light snacks, chips, and drinks on board flights. Along with these services, you can order for two meals for short-haul flights and four meals on long-haul flights. The Cebu Pacific airline provides you the different type of hot meals such as Tandoori Chicken Wrap, Hazelnut Banana Croissant, Tuna Capers Crossini, Beef Tapa, Chicken Tocino, Daing Na Bangus, etc. According to the seat selector, you can choose the seat that suits you the best whether you want a window, aisle or leg room. This airline offers you the travel sure because the customer's protection is the primary goal. Pertinently, the staff members of the airlines will take care of you by providing the emergency medical treatment in a case of an incident or sickness while traveling on the Cebu Pacific airlines. This airline company offers you the personal accident insurance up to PHP1,000,000. The Travelsure insurance for basic protections like baggage protect, fly me next and year round protect. Through this insurance, you can get the reimbursement of rebooking penalties in the case of you miss the flight or late for a flight. It allows you to get the refunds when the flight may miss due to some reasons and they are covered by the Travelsure insurance. You can pre-purchase the Cebu Pacific sports equipment from four hours of the departure and the available sports equipment on Cebu Pacific that subsumes bowling balls, cycling, fishing equipment, surfboards, golf clubs, scuba/diving equipment, etc. With the provided recommendations and constraints of the sports equipment, you can pre-purchase and bring the equipment along with you by using the baggage allowance option. CEB Connect service gives you the convenient features which include no need to get cleared and no need for visas. The transfer service is valid or applicable only for passengers with confirmed Cebu Pacific and Tigerair Singapore flights in one booking. 

Payment Options

In order to reserve the seats for flights on Cebu Pacific, you can use the credit cards or any other online payment and it is easier and convenient way. It accepts the cards like VISA, MasterCard and Americal Express credit cards. If you have PayPal account, it gives you more benefits than any other cards because the PayPal account is more secure and convenient way. Additionally, you can consider the other payment options like Alipay and BancNet. Whether you want to prefer to pay the cash, you can easily pay the amount by the use of other payment options such as BancNet, BPI, BDO, Metrobank, and RobinsonsBank. Here, you need to pay the amount before 24 hours of the day that you want to fly through the Cebu Pacific airlines. 

Travel Reminders

If you want to travel from one location to other destination location whether it is domestic or international, the best option for you is Cebu Pacific which is airline service especially for Philippines country. Before traveling or booking the flight tickets on Cebu Pacific, you are required to use the travel reminders where you will be able to get the benefits such as booking guidelines, flight connections, disruptions, travel tax and terminal fees, special service requests, check-in & boarding guidelines and travel documents. The online bookings are not permitted before three hours and 59 minutes of the scheduled time of departure. But, you want to book the flight tickets within this time due to the personal or office issues. In this case, the flight tickets booking is possible when you contact the airport sales counter or sales offices. Flight connections and disruptions section will help you to reschedule your flight bookings because of the airline's issues that may include canceling, delay, terminate, divert any flight beyond the control of safety and security. During the event of flights disruptions, you can apply for a refund, rebooking or travel credits. The airline allows you to enjoy the special service requests where you can apply for special assistance for expectant mothers, unaccompanied minors, guests requiring an extra seat for prisoners, elderly passenger and seeing eye dogs, infants, guests with medical case and portable oxygen concentrators, etc. In this situations, you may charge for extra seats to use the flights. 

Fast Check-in Options

To book the flight tickets on Cebu Pacific, you can check-out the vacancies through the utilization of fast check-in options which involve the web or mobile check-in and at nearest airports. For web check-in, the passengers can check and book the tickets before 7 days and up to 4 hours before the flight departure for international flights. But, the domestic flights available from 7 days and up to 1 hour before the flight departure. Mobile check-ins also available before 7 days and up to 4 hours before the flight departure for international flights and this service is not applicable for flights to the United States of America. As similar as the web check-in, you can check out the flights and book the tickets through the mobile check-in for domestic flights. Web check-ins are not allowed for the people who are unaccompanied minors, guests traveling with an infant and guests requiring the special assistance. Mobile check-ins are not available to know the flight status for infants, expectant mothers, guests on connecting or through-sector itineraries, guests traveling with infants and guests who are required special assistance. At selected airports also, you can consider the fast check-ins and the flight tickets booking is available as early as 8 hours before your flight. 

Other Services

For easier and convenient flight tickets booking, you can use the other options like featured destinations, partners, way to go, customer care, conditions of the carriage, group booking & sales, etc. Based on the featured destinations, you can book the tickets on Cebu Pacific very easily without searching for the flights because directly you can opt for flights to Palawan, flights to Bohol, flights to Iloilo, flights to Manila, flights to Boracay, flights to Cebu, flights to Coron, flights to Davao and flights to Siargao. Not only the flight service is available from the Cebu Pacific but also other services like hotel booking, car rentals, online shopping, WWF Bright Skies and UNICEF change for food. The Cebu Pacific collaborated with the companies of car rentals, hotels, online shopping sites, etc. You can save the money from the group booking & sales based on partner agents, CEB BIZ, Agency Master and Group Bookings.